Leap of Faith


We took a leap of faith.  We decided to move out of our 3 bedroom home and into a 16 ft camper.  Are we crazy??? Maybe a little.  Why on earth would we want to cram two adults and two dogs into something so small?!?  Well, because we want to be in our very own TINY house within a year!


Here is a little background on us.  I’m Beej, and I’m married to the wonderful Phil Dirt.  We have two adorable weimaraners named Ruger and Remy.  We have been married for a little over three years.  Dirt is in the U.S. Air force and plans to be until he retires. That and the fact that we love to explore and be outside largely fueled our desire to live tiny.

We have heard many positive and many negative comments about our decision. We know that everyone would not be able to or even want to live like this.  God has lead us to this decision and we plan to follow through.  We do not want to depend on things of this world to make us happy, and after living in our camper for three weeks, I have realized that I have all I need.  Has it been a cake walk? Not the whole time, but it sure has been an adventure.  This opportunity will allow us to explore the world that God has created for us, meet new people, spend time with the people he has already placed in our lives, and keep what is most important in our lives at the fore front of our minds.

So here we go! There is no turning back now, and I wouldn’t want to even if we could!

Every few weeks we plan to write posts explaining all of the positives and negatives that we experience through this little adventure.  I mainly wanted to write this to document our time through this process and to keep track of everything we go through, but if this encourages others to take a leap of faith and chase after their dreams, that is an additional bonus!  God’s plan for our lives may look completely different from everyone else’s, and that’s ok. We just want to encourage everyone we can to seek God’s plan and follow it. He will never steer you wrong.




8 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. Barbara and Steve Newby says:

    We are so proud of you both. This is a big step in your lives and we know God is leading you in the right direction. We think the two of you are meant for each other. God knew what he was doing when he put the two of you together. We pray that the two of you have a great adventure and a very happy life. We love you both with all our hearts.
    Love, Memaw and Pawpaw❤️❤️

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  2. Pam Culbertson says:

    We are commanded to the Great Commission. Spreading the word and telling people about Jesus Christ is awesome enjoy your ride enjoy the people that God puts in your path you’ll be alright. Take care we love you at Bethel Baptist Church in Warrensburg Missouri. I love you take care Pammmie

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  3. Mindy says:

    CRAZY! Lol…happy your happy…
    CRAZY adventures for 2 CRAZY OFF THE WALL people…you both wanted to explore the world and you are!!

    Just kidding…major leap of faith and I love this blog…it is going to be so fun to read!!!

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