Pros & Kind of Cons

It has been a little over two months since we have began our tiny adventure.  I was planning on doing a pros and cons list so that everyone could see the positives and negatives of living in the camper, but every con I added to the list hasn’t been a big deal for us.  Hence the title.  Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some negative aspects of this tiny life style (which I will discuss in this post), but when you are living in God’s will none of those seem to matter.  He just gives us joy through the good and the bad, and I think that means we are exactly where He wants us to be.

Now for the list!!

Pro: Price

Living in the camper is extremely affordable.  Maybe the following will put this into perspective: I quit my job in July so that I could put all of my energy into my student teaching semester.  We make more money living in the camper without me working than we did while we were living on base and I was working part time.

Con: It is a small space.

Living small is exactly that: living small.  There isn’t a lot of storage or extra space in our itty bitty camper.  To be honest, this is only on the list because I know it would bother most other people.  We don’t mind how small the space is.  We have made it work for us, and we are thoroughly enjoying living small.

Pro: Adventure

The possibilities are endless when living in something that you can take with you.  We have explored more while living in the camper than we were ever able to do before.  It’s also pretty nice not to have to pack anything!  We can just hook up to the car and head out!


One of our mini adventures! We got a canoe!!

Con: No washer, dryer, or oven.

This also could be a huge negative for most people, but we just happen to have wonderful friends who allow us to use their washer and dryer when we need to wash clothes.  So far I have been able to keep it down to one load a week, unless we need to wash bedding.  Honestly, this actually works better for me because I am more productive with the laundry instead of letting it pile up.  The oven also hasn’t been a big deal.  Our friends also let us use theirs if we need to, but I try really hard to keep our meals to ones that I only need the stove for.  We also plan to purchase a Traeger grill, which will also us to bake whatever we need to.


The usual folding clothes party.

Pro: Cleaning

It takes me a total of 30 minutes to clean the entire camper.  That includes dusting, washing windows, sweeping, cleaning the shower, etc.  You can’t really beat that!  Below is the cleaning list I follow.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.42.46 PM

Con: Shower

We have a very small hot water tank since we are living in a very small space.  Because of this, while showering, we have to turn the water on and off to conserve hot water.  Also, the shower head cannot be adjusted for height so I have to turn it off every time I put shampoo in my hair or wash my face.  Phil Dirt, on the other hand, does not have this problem with his height of 6’1.  I will confess that I had a mini melt down on one occasion that I couldn’t just take a shower without all the extra work, but other than that, it’s been working for us.

Pro: Visiting Home

The original reason we purchased the camper was for when we visited home throughout the year.  We have two huge pups, and let’s face it, not everyone is willing to let those wild, yet adorable, dogs into their home.  So instead of worrying about it, we decided to purchase a camper.  This has been a huge positive!! When we visit home it can be an extremely overwhelming schedule of seeing everyone, and the camper allows us a little retreat from all the chaos.  Also, it is much cheaper to stay at a camp ground than in hotels.  Before the camper, if we had to stay in a hotel with the pups, it would get expensive.  Some hotels charge a fee per dog per night, and that doesn’t count the cost of the room itself.  In addition to that, lots of hotels are not pet friendly, so it would make it very hard to find a place to stay.  This made the camper purchase well worth it.

Con: Dumping

Since our camper is so small, the tanks are also very small.  This means that unless we have a sewage hook up we have to dump fairly often.  This can be a bummer, but this is one con we are willing to live with since we are saving so much money.  Right now we do plan to purchase a dry flush toilet for both the camper and the tiny house which will eliminate this problem completely. The dry flush option is a bit more expensive, but the convenience of it will be worth the extra money.

So, there it is! The pros and cons list so far!



2 thoughts on “Pros & Kind of Cons

  1. beingarellanes says:

    I mirror your opinions! Although we live in a larger camper, we run in to the same problems. We’ve been fortunate to stay at a site with Washer and a Dryer, but that will all change next month as we move out to our rented property. We’re really excited… Also, my doggy comes this Thursday to live with us for good! It’s been 8 months since he’s lived with us, and I’m so thankful we’re finally getting our furry family back together!
    Good luck with everything. Look forward to your next post.
    P.s. I believe God has us exactly where He wants us, and there’s really little sweeter than being in the center of God’s will.


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