Big, Little, and Teeny Tiny Adventures

It’s been a little while since I have written anything. So many things have happened in our lives in the past few months, and it’s a bit daunting to think about putting it all into words. My last post discussed praising God during the storms and trying to follow Him through tough times and decisions.  Well, that is definitely still relevant in our lives today, and I’m sure, will continue to be for the rest of them.  But, boy, do I have a lot of praises that have come from some crazy times!

  1. We built our tiny house!!!

In January, we loaded up most of our belongings and headed down to Tennessee to build our tiny home in a week.  Whew, what a week. That was probably the hardest work week Phil Dirt and I have ever experienced.  We worked 14+ hour days most days, with very little rest at night. It was so worth it! We love our home!

DF318691-01B9-486D-9E35-7DD6730C16A2We built our tiny home with Incredible Tiny Homes.  You can visit their website here

We are still trying to finish up painting the interior, staining the counters, creating storage under the stairs, and more throughout.IMG_1502IMG_1501IMG_1499IMG_1503IMG_1507IMG_1508

  1. We are having a baby girl!

On the way to build our tiny home, I started feeling a little funny.  We suspected that I might be pregnant, but wanted to get through the work week ahead before we thought too much about that! That was a big challenge during that week in Tennessee.  I was light headed a lot, extremely tired, and started having a hard time eating certain foods. I am truly thankful that we did not build our house one week later, because I could barely get through the day without puking my guts up. It was pretty obvious what was going on by then, so we decided to tell our families while we were home finishing up the tiny home (so much fun!). While we were visiting home, our goal was to get the exterior of the tiny home painted and sealed.  I would like to insert here what a wonderful husband I have.  I explained the long work days building the tiny home earlier, but Phil Dirt put in even more hours the next week getting the exterior painted before we had to leave. I was supposed to help with that, but that did not work out as planned. My Phil Dirt didn’t complain a bit.  He just worked, and I sure am thankful for him.

  1. We’re moving!!

About a month after we got back with the tiny house, Phil Dirt finally received conformation that he had been accepted for retraining.  That was on March 1st. We also found out that we had to be at our next base by March 30th.  Needless to say, the next few weeks were a whirlwind!

The trip was long and hard.  It is always a learning experience pulling anything behind a vehicle, and that was definitely true with pulling our new home.  If felt like every time we stopped, we had to fix something, clean something, or move something. For most of the trip, Ruger, our pup, was sick (he gets stressed out from changes), and I was getting sick every time I walked into the house because of the smell of wood. (Phil Dirt would have to go inside and get the jar of pickles for me to sniff as I walked in to keep me from barfing!)  At one point, we hit some speed bumps that we couldn’t avoid. They were the really steep kind, and when we looked at the trailer after the fact, the frame was cracked.  The more we drove, the bigger the crack got. On our last night we stopped at a campground only to find a water leak behind the stove. Thankfully the park had showers that we could use for the night.  The next morning, some men were walking by, noticed the crack in the frame and asked what happened.  After we explained, they gave us the number of a welder they knew in town.  That welder was less than two miles down the exact same road the campground was located on, he was willing to fix the trailer for us, and he did it all in about 2-3 hours. We were finally able to reach our final destination later that day, and Phil Dirt was able to fix the  water leak. We were exhausted and frustrated, but God took care of each and every problem that came our way.  I’m thankful that He kept us sane during that trip!

FullSizeRenderNew Mexico!IMG_1656The Grand Canyon! (A much need break from our trip!)IMG_1712California!

God knew what he had planned for us, and He had set it into motion long before I wrote my previous blog post. It is easy to forget that He knows exactly what we are going through, but He does, and He will lead us through life if we let Him.

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.